If you have decided to send your child to a preschool in singapore, make sure that the curriculum is holistic and child friendly.

What you should look for in the curriculum:

1. What is the learning approach?

Any preschool in Singapore whose focus is mainly how well the child performed should be a no-no. A competitive environment at this age can be harmful for the child. Instead the curriculum should be such that it makes the child comfortable and enjoy so much that he/she will naturally perform well. The process of learning which involves investigating and discovering answers and solve problems together with peers and caretakers make the learning process fun and more meaningful.

The process should also encourage a child to discover a creative side. Curiosity is the most at this age when children are still exploring and learning about things. If that curiosity is tapped, a child can do wonders. The curriculum should encourage children to find the answers and teachers help them in the process.

2. Does it aim to take care of the overall development?

The curriculum shouldnt just include learning letters, shapes etc. It should have elements that encourage a physical, social, emotional growth apart from intellectual growth. So group projects that encourage working with others, examples used from real life for children to understand, have material which encourage sensitivity towards others are very important elements that should be in the curriculum. Children can learn through songs that encourage them to dance and certain exercises, the anatomy and counting among other things.

3. Does it help in the development of other skills?

Apart from the overall development a good preschool in Singapore should also have elements in the curriculum that encourage children to develop their motor skills, communication skills etc. From learning the ability to hold a spoon and put the food in the mouth, or to scoop something up with a spoon, to throwing and catching balls, grasping the concept of size and weight, development of motor skills is crucial at this stage. It is equally important to encourage children to get clarity in their thought and enhance their communication skills.

The preschools curriculum helps in your childs development and understanding of the world. Therefore all parents should pay a lot of attention to understand what the curriculum entails. A good preschool would also encourage parents involvement in the learning curve so that what the child learns in school gets carried forward at home, leading to a holistic learning experience for the child.

3 Things You Should Look For in a Preschool Curriculum

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