It has been proven sending a child for prenursery classes is one of the most vital aspects for a child to progress towards the higher classes. Brain development of a child is at about 90% developed by the age of five hence the necessity for early learning. Here is a general syllabus that is made available to kids that foster healthy learning and growth based on his ability to grasp the subject.

The Formal Subjects

Children are fed with a daily dose of facts. They are taught simple things like letters of the alphabet, what letter goes with what picture. They learn numerical skills like counting numbers and calculations, from a simple perspective. Based on the pictures positioned in front of them, they identify the words and are encouraged to make sentences with the words.

Motor Skills

Every child needs some time for play to hone his motor skills. Gross motor skills help him catch a ball thrown at him. He also learns how to use his hands with Playdough to create, twist or turn the shape so that he accomplishes what he has set out to make. Simple things like tying shoe laces, fixing a button, holding a pencil or crayon is a necessity so that he is able to grasp objects effectively.

Outdoorsy Stuff

Learning about different birds and animal always interests kids who are used to watching television programs. As they venture outdoors to have a look around, they learn about varieties of flowers, some insects, the elements and changes in weather. At the preschool, children learn to identify and understand the differences between flora, fauna, and the environment.

Writing and Reading Skills

As a rule without a basic knowledge of reading and writing, a child cannot proceed, further ahead in life. The teacher assigned to the class encourages the group to identify what they have learned and put it down on paper. By doing so, the child also learns how to drawn and understand the difference between words, numerals, and diagrams. During this phase, he is encouraged to read aloud an imperative in overall development.

Extra Curricular

Music and movement at the school gym make exercises a fun experience. Not only does the child get to sing along but he also can work out his inner actor and act out any scene chosen for the day. Visit the website Apply now OR RSVP now that offers a variety of themes and formal coursework for the child of today.

The General syllabus for Pre-Nursery

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