The Do’s and Dont’s of Facebook marketing

Making any marketing medium a success for your business is not easy. You must ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of what you can achieve using the particular media. Facebook is the social digital medium which can do wonders for your business but you must know the do’s and dont’s to find the desired success. Let’s see some of these tips that can help keep business ahead of their competition with Facebook marketing in Singapore :


Post your updates regularly – Build the rigor and keep the momentum by posting updates and articles about your business. These posts should be interesting to read according to your consumer segmentation.

KISS – Keep it short and simple! Posts with not more than 100 characters keep everyone engaged. People tend to skip longer posts.

Solicit feedback – Seek feedback from your readers at the end of each post and listen to what they say.

Reply – Take out time and reply back to your customers. People appreciate businesses that take interest in them and revert to their queries or suggestions or comments.

Educate as you promote – Selling your product is the idea of using Facebook marketing but what will be better than to educate along the journey. Provide some reference links to your customers which are educational.

Promotional offers – Don’t forget to initiate special promotional offers or coupons to your customers even if it is for limited time.

Informing customers – If there is any reason for which your outlet/ shop is closed then let your customers know of it in advance.

Picture perfect – Keep posting photos of your employees and business. People connect more and like to see pictures. They are excited if there is someone they recognize.


Overposting – Limit the number of posts. Post when you have good content and to ensure that your customers are kept engaged.

The 90/10 rule – Don’t go overboard this rule. Keep 90% of your posts as informative and fun filled while other 10% as promotional.

Shying away – Your Facebook page is your opportunity to connect with your customers directly so don’t shy away and be outgoing.

Reply in haste – Remember Facebook is a social site and your page and replies are being seen by masses. It is important that when you reply, you think through the language and choose your words well. So don’t reply back to your customers in haste.

Opinionated – It is good to have opinions about any subject or your competitors but do not share them on your Facebook page.

What Is Online Advertising

Though every business is switching to online advertising, not many business owners may know what online advertising exactly means and involves.

Online advertisement is nothing but advertising on the Internet and that is why it is also called Internet advertising or Internet marketing. Some people call this as digital marketing. As these names suggest, this form of advertisement promotes your products or services on the Net.

Online advertising in Singapore can be done in several ways. In fact, the methods of this form of advertisement keep expanding, thanks to the revolutionary innovations that have been taking place in this field. Let us look at some of the methods of online advertising.

Display advertising

Using banners on the web or opting for banner ads is called display advertising. But you should ensure to have your banner ads on as many websites as possible so as to improve your “visibility” on the web. This is certain to drive huge traffic to your website because according to the “Law of Averages”, the more ads you display, better are the chances of attracting a lot of customers. You can have static banner ads, dynamic ones or animated ads. Some companies opt for video banner ads also. Banner ads can be interactive also.

Some large companies who can afford to spend huge sums of money go for behavior targeting or geographic or demographic targeting while displaying their ads. Nowadays, retargeting or remarketing is becoming popular because companies do not want to lose any customer. To put it short, you must choose the right way that suits your business to display your ads.

Media buying

There are a few ways of purchased ads.

CPM or Cost Per Thousand is one among them. In this, you have to pay according to the number of people who look at your ad. These are called ‘impressions.’ Since the pricing is done based on thousand-impression units, this is called Cost Per Thousand.

CPC: This is otherwise known as Cost-Per-Click. In this method, you have to pay for the clicks of users on your ads.

CPA: This is called Cost Per Action. As the name suggests, you have to pay for every specific action users take. Some of the specific actions are purchasing the item you offer, submitting the form you require them to do, etc.


Benefits of online advertising

The foremost benefit is you will be able to reach a large number of potential customers. The cost involved in online advertising is very low compared to the results you may get. It is easy to measure the results. This will help you modify your strategies suitably and on time.